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Fair Look Pro Cream- Revolutionary Anti-marks Fairness Cream

From ages, people with fair skin tone are given preferences over darker skin tone be it in any case personal or professional. This is because everyone adores fair skin tone as it symbolizes beauty and sophistication. Having a lighter skin tone is a matter of pride for most of the people these days.On the other hand, the consequences of having a darker skin tone are very heartbreaking. Such people feel embarrassed for your darker skin tone but also have to face rejection in most of the cases.


Do you also have darker skin tone? If yes, then no need to worry at all. Fair look pro cream is an Ayurvedic formula for the users to have fair looking spotless skin tone. It is an amazing anti marks cream that helps you get rid of marks on your skin be it tanning marks or acne pimple marks and provides you clean and clear skin tone. It is an impressive fairness formula that works best for the exposed parts of your body, including face, neck, arms and legs.


This fairness lotion is made up of all herbal ingredients like javitri, mustard seed, multi, almond nuts, chironji, Chandan, saffron, Aloe Vera, honey, lemon, etc. Being natural and Ayurvedic, there are no side effects of using fair look. It is safe and effective to use for all. Additionally, using fair look pro cream will help you boost your confidence and make your life more interesting.

So, don’t wait more! Get yourself this efficient fairness formula at the earliest and flaunt the flawless glowing fair skin tone!!


Tom Ford Lip Colour in Nude Vanille

Jordan's Beautiful Life


I’ve forever been obsessed with nude lips and even resorted to being that girl who would plaster their YSL Touche Eclat over their lips to channel that inner 60’s look (yes, I’m ashamed of my past concealer lips – but we all learn from our ridiculous mistakes!). So when I decided to finally treat myself to probably the most luxurious lip product it had to of course be nude. The lip product I am talking about is Tom Ford Lip Colour in the shade ‘Nude Vanille’.

For months I was lusting after this lip product by looking at swatches of the different shades online, but I thought I’d be better off looking at them in the flesh seeing as they not cheap at £37 a pop! I finally went to Jarrold’s (a department store in Norwich) and instantly fell in love with Nude Vanille. The perfect nude with a slight…

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10 simple things that make me happy…

Mami și Zâna

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1. Black and White Pictures ( source Pinterest

2. Fresh Flowers from My Man

3. Diptyque Candles

4. The Scent of Spring

5. Life in the Country Side… MY Countryside

6. Mom’s Ringtone 

7. Late Night Chit-Chats with faraway friends 

8. Cuddling This Old Hag

9. The Kids in my hometown Neighbourhood ( picture taken almost 10 years ago )

10. White Clouds while flying 

Here you have the 10 Simple things that make me happy… As simple as they are! 

This might easily be a Tag! Just do it if you like, if not just share the 10 Simple things that make YOU happy in the comments below!

See you in April, beautiful!

xx, Annie

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